Not been feeling quite well these past days. Not that I’m slouching dizzy in an hospital bed or wrapped in wool in my room, I’ve just been struck with cold with the recent incessant downpour that leaves the ground mushy and the sky cloud-dark.

It’s always cold in the room, the air damp and every piece of furniture is a dog-nose waiting to be touched by warmth.

I sneeze as much as I breath, and I feel like blood coagulating in my nostrils when I sneeze empty into tissue paper. I seldom go out, and while the world outside me is cocooned with cold and wetness, I burry my head in my computer thinking of the next trick I can pull as regard softwares.

I can’t stand the fan whirl, and I drink more coffee than necessary, and after a third or fourth cup, I feel down with migraine and sap of energy to engage any serious task. Unlike before, I can’t bear to sleep shirtless and enjoy the breeze from the window.

The windows now, are always locked, the blinds down and it’s hard to hear the bird chirp or watch the sunset at the horizon. Can this be any worse? I feel irritated with the smell of soap that lingers in the air when you launder or bath, or the tile moist and wet long after you’ve left the mop hanging still.