spending considerable time at home now and having to fix my own meal is one of the few interesting developments in the last one month. It started out as a challenge to compare how much i spend buying food and how much i could save if i decided to go homemade. This decision didn’t seem feasible at first because I’ve made several of such failed attempts in the past, because i was just too stressed to continue or because i sincerely didn’t care the cost as long as i don’t have my budget maxed out.

while food is just a tiny fragment of my life, because i sip and drink more than i chew (not claiming to be a drinkard), spending considerable time in the processes involved in the preparation of my own meal aside the stress seems a bit gratifying, plus it’s also packed with lessons like learning the overall science and rate of reactions that determine the cooking cycles of foods and other kitchen nuances that one often take for granted & those that can only be understood or figured out with repeated practice.

living alone and working from home is already boring, and a few minutes in the market shopping groceries in contact with real humans could make up for something exciting, even though that itself could get a little awry as you could get anxious haggling over prices especially if you’re dealing with a conceited attendant.

while i don’t know how long this will last, now i could say aside reading tech threads on reddit, watching music conspiracies on tiktok, liking tweets on Twitter and a considerable amounts of failed attempts at blogging, i am involved in one cooking act or another as long as I’m not napping, watching TV, working or in my desk tinkering over stuff.

another interesting fact now is how I’m slowing debunking the “he can’t cook nothing” i get from my cousins and friends who I pepper with pictures of my cooking now.

Now peep this! 😋